Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meeting with American Lung Association

Meeting with American Lung Association, January 23, 2009

Coordinating the meeting: Gwendolyn Francavillo, Health and Wellness Coordinator
Shawntay Warren, Communications Coordinator, American Lung Association of DC
Gary Aller, Executive Director, Business Operations
Raychelle Harris, Faculty, Department of Interpretation
Raylene Paludneviciene, Faculty, Department of Psychology

Shawntay brought us up to speed about her initiative in connecting all DC colleges and universities and to make the transition to a smoke-free campus simultaneously. The rationale behind this is the number one concern of nearly all college administrators is the potentially negative impact on enrollment. Having all campuses in one same location turn 100% smoke-free would possibly negate the enrollment concern of many administrators. In her experience working with other colleges and universities, Shawntay reassured us that enrollment is never impacted, in fact, many parents find sending their child to a smoke-free university a nice bonus. Students choose colleges & universities based on what they provide, not whether if they are smoke-free or not. Regardless, a consortium of DC colleges & universities was established in December 2008. Gallaudet was unable to send a representative then, but hopes to do so at the next meeting of DC Tobacco-Free Campus consortium (DCTFC) on February 25th.

Shawntay shared one constant strategy of successful smoke-free campus movements is the power of students. Garner support through students first, then faculty then staff then ultimately address the administration.

Some of the things discussed during the meeting:
  1. Having data/stats to back up our movement (e.g. % of students, faculty and staff in support of this movement, % of who actually smoke, % who would want free smoking cessation support/programs, etc.)
  2. Getting DC Youth Environment Alliance on board: http://dcyea.org/
  3. Finding a staff representative
  4. Service Learning opportunity for GSR courses
  5. Green Gallaudet student organization being responsible for making a proposal for Student Congress passage on making Gallaudet 100% smoke-free.
  6. Then making a similar proposal at the University Faculty Senate.

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Anonymous said...

The ALA is proudly advertising in Illinois that they and Governor Blagoyovich were responsible for passing a law that uses POLICE, SNITCHLINES, and INTIMIDATION, to FORCE people to OBEY their guidelines. None of these tax exempt "charities" will ever get another penny from me.