Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Survey Results: 93% Support a Smoke-Free Campus

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If you would like me to calculate specific combinations and post results here, please feel free to ask by commenting below. For example, you can ask: How many Virginians smoke? How many undergraduates support a 100% smoke-free campus?

We also have over 250 comments from the survey respondents. If you are interested in reading them, please e-mail one of the committee members or the students in the GSR 231, Back to Nature course (names listed on right sidebar of this blog).

Survey Questions

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Smoking and The Gallaudet Community

If you are a student, faculty, staff, parent or a visitor at Gallaudet:

Do you want to help shape the future cigarette smoking policy at Gallaudet?  The students of GSR 231 would like for you to complete an anonymous online survey about cigarette smoking on the Gallaudet campus.  This survey will take you 10 minutes or less.  Please consider participating to help determine the future of smoking cigarettes at Gallaudet.  Please click here to go to the online survey.  Thank you!

If you prefer to fill out a paper survey, booths with paper surveys will be distributed during lunch hour at Marketplace and the Cafeteria until April 24th.  

Results will be shared with the Campus Community Monday April 27th, noon at G-Area in the SAC building.

This survey is approved by the Gallaudet Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Faculty Senate Passes Smoke-Free Motion Unanimously!

The last cohort on campus, the Faculty Senate passed the smoke-free campus motion with an unanimous vote of 12 - 0 as of this evening.
Recap of all votes:
Faculty Senate:  12-0
Graduate Student Association:  9 -0
Staff Academic Council: 8-1
Student Congress (undergraduates):  23 - 1
The next step:  Be on the look out for an IRB-approved survey about the future of the smoking policy at Gallaudet -

Presentation by GSR 231 students about the results of this survey on 
Monday, April 27th, 
at G-Area in SAC.  
See you there!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Graduate Student Association supports Smoke-Free Campus

More great news!  Today, we received word from the Graduate Student Association reporting that graduate students from the following nine departments:
Administration and Supervision,
Educational Foundations and Research,
Hearing, Speech & Language Sciences,
Psychology, and
Social Work
support that Gallaudet University should begin the transition from a smoking campus to a smoke-free campus as soon as practicable!  

(Note:  There are a total of eleven graduate departments.  The Department of ASL & Deaf Studies did not submit their votes by the deadline.  And the Department of Physical Education & Recreation does not have a GSA representative to gather votes for this motion).