Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DC Tobacco-Free Campus (DCTFC) Meeting

Good Afternoon DCTFC,

I would like to thank you all for attending last night’s meeting. We accomplished a lot as we put together our strategy to go tobacco free campus. I especially want to thank Jean Toth of Catholic University for providing that wonderful meeting space. As promised, I have attached a copy of the workplan we discussed yesterday, which includes the action steps that were developed at the meeting. I included additional spaces on the workplan for you to fill in additional steps. Please be prepared to share any updates with the group at the next meeting.

I am also sending the list of churches that are a part of the DC Tobacco Free Holy Grounds (DCTFHG) initiative. Along with that, I have attached the summary of the initiative for your perusal. Feel free to send to the members of the churches we discussed yesterday. For many of you, having those churches join DCTFHG will make it much easier to get your campus to go tobacco free. The contact information for Bishop Wallace, who is the lead on that initiative, can be found in the document. In the coming weeks, I will develop a template letter and petition document for each of you to tailor according to the needs of your campuses, but I strongly urge you all to begin working on some of those other actions steps prior to our next meeting.

The next DCTFC consortium meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 25th at Georgetown University from 3:30-5pm. Following this email, I will send you an Outlook invitation so it will be saved to your calendars. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Debra Annand any time. Debra’s email address is dannand@aladc.org. Again, thank you for your time and commitment. See you all next month!


Shawntay Warren
Communications Coordinator
American Lung Association of D.C.
DC Tobacco Free Families Campaign
530 7th Street, SE
Washington, D.C. 20003
Phone: 202-546-5864
Mobile: 202-441-1537
website: www.aladc.org

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