Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Four Presidential Candidates' Stance On Smoke-Free Campus

Each of the four Presidential Candidates met with students during the student forum. The students came up with 17 questions to ask each of them. One of the questions were:
More and more public and private universities are now going smoke-free to protect the health of it's more vulnerable employees, students and visitors. Do you support the transition of Gallaudet from a smoking campus to a smoke-free campus?
Since the entire forum was in American Sign Language, the students e-mailed SFG committee their answers in print English.

Dr. Stephen F. Weiner
Provost, Gallaudet University

Campus Visit: September 16-17

Student: "He would love that for Gallaudet however he will need to do his own research since it is part of business corporation (where we get cigarattes from) which makes it harder because he says people do have their rights to smoke on the campus."

Dr. Roslyn Rosen
Director, National Center on Deafness at California State University, Northridge
Campus Visit: September 21-22

Student: "She started to lecture us about not starting to smoke (she was a former smoker herself). She said she would check up on this if she enters in office."

Dr. Ronald J. Stern
Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer, New Mexico School for the Deaf
Campus Visit: September 23-24

Student: "Stern talked about how his wife was allergic to smoke so he is in favor of a smoke-free campus but would need to check what needs to be done first such as setting up areas, etc, but seemed supportive."

Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz
President, National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)
Vice President/Dean of Rochester Institute of Technology for NTID

Campus Visit: September 30-October 1

Student: "Hurwitz was more supportive, and asked the audience to raise their hands if they were in favor of a smoke-free campus. A lot of students raised their hands and Hurwitz said, 'There goes your answer.'"

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